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Garrett Rodrigues

This transition course has been life changing and I feel armed with the skills to tackle the next chapter. I personally enjoyed the mock interviews as well as all the networking events which have helped me get to my 5 meter target. I still don’t know what I want to do but I now understand… Read more »

Nate P.

Had a great experience as part of The Honor Foundation process. Having been in the Navy nearly 30 years THF enlightened me to the opportunities that are availability on the civilian side of life and how our skills and leadership easily translate. The mentoring, resume/ LinkedIn training and exposure to industry experts are second to… Read more »

Steve Fellman

Great program! Well thought out in a way that makes you dive deep into yourself and discover what you want in your next life.

Wayne Siegmund

The Fellowship has allowed me to develop a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, discover my WHY, leverage my Strengths in mock interviews, network via THF Cups of Coffee and multi-day treks, and be appointed an experienced Coach. Janie, Ashley, and Stephanie are top-notch facilitators providing world-class guest speakers. The Honor Foundation is the requisite executive… Read more »

Casey Klein

Couldn’t recommend a better class to prepare you for the next chapter in life. The staff within The Honor Foundation guide you through 12 weeks of pure soul searching and fine tuning. I’m humbled and honored to be a THF Alumni!

Chris Fischer

After 20 years in the Navy, THF filled my cup and has expanded my aperture and given me a newfound excitement for my next chapter. THF provided me with so many experiences, resources, and tools that I had never been exposed to in my career. From identifying my strengths, polishing success stories from my past,… Read more »

Peter Turbide

THF has given me confidence in my pursuit of a career outside of the military. It opened my eyes to opportunities and industries I didn’t know existed. I cannot be more thankful for the program, experience, and people I met along the way.

Bruce Morris

A 3-month program that completely refined me as a person leaving the service to join the civilian world.

Robert Fredrich

THF provided the opportunity to reflect on my career and find out why I was so good at the things I was good at. Pairing that knowledge with my Gallup Strengths painted a clear path toward business development. Prior to THF I had no idea what business development was. Through this process I not only… Read more »

Brad Stevens

THF really made me think about where I am at this stage in my life and what do I really want to do moving forward when I leave the military. The self reflecting was very insightful and the resume building help and advice was greatly appreciated. The staff was incredible and the course is very… Read more »

Kat Cox

…being able to use those skills that I was able to identify in The Honor Foundation, helped me really propel forward in my civilian job in a way that I did not ever see myself being able to do it.

Adam Rabon

Inundated with ideas, as many of us are, The Honor Foundation helped to focus my thoughts into a clear roadmap for the future that aligned with my preferences and values. Through the THF process and staff inputs, I began to fully understand what was important to me and find my next niche where I can… Read more »

Robert Carter

There are resources out there for educating yourself about transition and how to find a job but what THF did for me was give me the tools to do it myself. I have the job search skills I need now and as I climb the ladder in my next career. Thank you THF, for the… Read more »

Kyle Haire

Quite frankly, I don’t know where I would be without The Honor Foundation. The passion, compassion, and dedication displayed throughout the enterprise is inspiring. In each and every deliberate encounter in each phase, their team provide you the opportunity to dig deep inside the depths of your soul, in order to determine what actually drives… Read more »

Matt Hall

The Honor Foundation is a professional, focused program that is the end of career equivalent of a well-run pre-deployment package. You will get quality instruction, tailored resources, and free advice from an incredible foundation dedicated to helping veterans succeed after the military. Regards transition, you don’t know what you don’t know, but THF does.

Jack Smith

You will not find a better group of people to learn from, share with, and explore alongside. I personally learned so much from the fellows in my cohort- I hope one day to be able to return the favor. Thanks for everything THF!

Patrick Molloy

Having been to college and had a career prior to the Navy, I thought I was well ahead of the game prior to THF (I was even a bit skeptical if the program would help). I quickly realized that my methods for obtaining employment were outdated, and I needed to show up and pay attention… Read more »

Mike Dennison

My experience at THF was absolutely life changing. The team at THF has helped me to understand my worth outside of the military and just how open my opportunities will be once I complete my retirement. They have also helped me reconnect with the socialable person I used to be through the networking and storytelling… Read more »

John Brown

Success is just beyond the door. The THF staff, coaches, and guest speakers phenomenally led us on a journey of discovery, finding the elusive WHY, learning to market our skills and talents, and find our place in a strange new world. Success is just beyond the door. THF offers a proven roadmap to finding the… Read more »

Pieter de Swart

I cannot speak highly enough about this program! While the whole course was extremely beneficial, I really enjoyed (and needed) Phase 1. Diving deep into my “Why?” and past experiences was an incredible journey. In addition, the Virginia Beach staff was top notch and could not have been more supportive during a very difficult month… Read more »