Charting a path between exemplary candidates and exemplary OPPORTUNITIES.

1. Application

We are in search of Operators who hold themselves to a high standard of core values, guiding principles and work ethic. First, we recruit on a rolling basis those military professionals who are 15-18 months out from their separation or retirement. Second, we search out those who are enthusiastic about enriching the transition experience of their Teammates. Lastly, there are no formal educational prerequisites, however, the educational experience is 100 hours of intense executive style education, professional development, one-on-one career coaching and has a strict attendance policy.

2. Selection

The Honor Foundation is not for everyone. Our selection process was co-created by executives and military leadership from within the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. To ensure we carry on the professional legacy of the SOF community we must select candidates based on a strong background of professional achievement, organizational responsibility, and personal accountability.

3. Assessment

Upon admission into THF, you will immediately take a battery of assessments i.e. vocational, personality, emotional intelligence, strengths and THF’s own transition readiness assessment. These are an integral part of our programs offerings. They help determine whether or not everyone's goals are being met. Our assessments inspire everyone to ask better questions and therefore allow us to provide a truly tailored program for the unique population we serve.

4. Education

Throughout your Special Operations career your constant focus was to increase your Operational Readiness. At THF, we focus on increasing your Transition Readiness. We effectively accomplish this through three phases of education. Our three phases of education include a structured mix of additive and experiential learning, business simulations and other professional enrichment methodologies.

5. Network

Since our founding in 2013, THF has built and designed more than a collection of names and faces. Our network is a strong, carefully chosen group of executives, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and professors, who are truly vested in our Fellows future success. Every person involved with our eco-system is standing by to produce levels of excellence.

Your Next Adventure

Our Mentorship Platform

Since 2013, The Honor Foundation has built and designed a community of executive career coaches and mentors. We now have designed a unique mentorship platform that instantly connects our program Fellows with top MBA students, industry experts and entrepreneurs. Learn how you can join our Mentorship Tribe.

Virtual Classroom (THFv)

The Honor Foundation Virtual (THFv) is a virtual world environment dedicated to the professional development and transition readiness of Special Operators. Inside this environment THF Fellows can utilize this platform to experience lectures, meet with career coaches and mentors, take leadership and industry assessments, practice interview skills live and take part in business simulations.

Entrepreneurs Garage (SOFg)

The Special Operations Forces Garage (SOFg) has been carefully designed for those Operators who have a real passion for Entrepreneurship. This intensive four day four night experience will take part in the heart of San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. Thirty top candidates aka “Mechanics” will be selected annually for this experience. They will then work alongside early stage founders and leadership from the venture capital and creation space. Standby for more details.