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Bryan Johnson

The Honor Foundation provides access to world-class advisors passionate about helping us transition successfully. I’ve learned more than I realize and continue to learn more every day! THF is not a sacrifice – it is like being handed the “golden conex box” of transition tools. I can’t say enough about the THF Team.

Mark Widmer

The Honor Foundation is the perfect signal to wake us from our dream of service. It stands as the vital passageway of transformation that reassures us as we evolve from the warrior stage. It shows us how we are different as a result of following our calling and guides us to discovering the value that… Read more »

Charles Peterson

I can say with 100% certainty, if not for The Honor Foundation and their incredible program for Special Operations Forces service members and enablers, I would be floundering right now in my military transition. Instead, I am thriving in my job search, making important industry connections, and have an alumni network prepared to support me… Read more »

Cole Johns

THF taught me how to interpret my military experience and leverage my skills in order to secure a job that I otherwise would not have realized I was qualified for. After I graduated, I found myself teaching other transitioning veterans the invaluable skills I learned in THF. THF was vital to my success. If a… Read more »

Daniel Carlson

I want to reiterate how transformative THF was for me. I was not confident in what I was going to do post marine corps before I came through and now I have little doubt I will be successful. I cannot say enough about it and have directed some of my guys who are getting out… Read more »

Brad Moses

After 25 years of service, with 20 in Special Operations, my family and I have made the choice to transition out of federal service. I have been provided with the opportunity to enter The Honor Foundation’s transition program. This program is an absolute must for any SOF professional who wants to actively navigate their transition…. Read more »

Joshua Segal

Honor Foundation gave me exactly what I needed, but was not yet able to see.

Ryan Duhon

The Honor Foundation has afforded me a multitude of opportunities. Not only has it given me the skill sets to network effectively, communicate my military experiences to corporate America, and meet with experienced coaches and mentors, it has really built my confidence to go out and look for a career that will best suit my… Read more »

Cole Hough

I never thought I would meet a team of people who are so involved in my future and success. I have been connected with a community that will do anything to help me figure out what’s next and find a path to get there. I have learned so many valuable skills that have taken the… Read more »

Gil Barrera

In the SPECOPS community, we are taught to never make a promise you cannot keep; THF delivered on all of theirs!

Stephen Grabinski

THF is an amazing support system that truly helps you to realize your potential, and hone in your skill set while transitioning out of the military. I have been able to network effectively, get advice from resume assistance to compensation, and be surrounded by a genuine, wonderful community that cares about my success.

Paul Hutchings

The THF has been an awesome opportunity to go through the transition experience with SOF warriors of like mind. I highly recommend this program to all of those who want to get the most of their change of mission and next chapter!

John Faatz

Deciding to retire after almost 29 years of service, 23 of which I spent in Special Operations, was a daunting decision. Seeing the conventional resources available to me was humbling and made me feel even more alone as I ventured into transition. I didn’t know how to reinvent myself from SOF warrior to civilian. I… Read more »

Emily Adams

THF challenges you look inward to the corners of oneself, to draw out purpose. This new-found meaning becomes the drumbeat of your extraordinary journey through THF’s vast amount of useful transition tools and helps connect you to THF’s inspired networks of experts and coaches. Advice to future Fellows: your military record can tell you what… Read more »

Bryan Cochran

My experiences with The Honor Foundation (THF) has been awesome! The professional coaching, the contacts in industry and the professionalism of THF Staff has been outstanding. If you are getting out of the military, you MUST take this course.

Andrew Milburn

THF did more than teach me invaluable transition skills — it fundamentally changed my outlook on what I was looking for and how to go about getting it. Hard perhaps to believe that you can learn more about yourself after leaving a career in SOF, but true nevertheless.

Joey Jenkins

My THF experience was amazing! When I started this journey, I was anxious and unsure of how I was going to navigate my transition with regards to reentering the civilian workforce. This experience has helped me confirm my field of interest and validate my personal strengths that I can offer to an outside business. Throughout… Read more »

Keith Parry

THF’s transition training for our new “mission” is just as challenging, relevant, rewarding, and stellar as in our previous careers and teams.