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My THF experience was amazing! When I started this journey, I was anxious and unsure of how I was going to navigate my transition with regards to reentering the civilian workforce. This experience has helped me confirm my field of interest and validate my personal strengths that I can offer to an outside business. Throughout this journey we learned how to apply our strengths to the outside world, research companies of our interest, be prepared for job interviews, and how to navigate any job offer we will receive. This was truly an awesome experience that has taken away the stress of how I am going to prepare for reentering the workforce. I feel that THF has given me the necessary tools to navigate my transition successfully. Thanks to all the THF staff and my Fellows, I am ready to take the next step without hesitation. My advice to the next group of Fellows is, “Trust in the process and practice active communication while putting forth your best effort. Additionally, be able to give and receive constructive feedback.