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Deciding to retire after almost 29 years of service, 23 of which I spent in Special Operations, was a daunting decision. Seeing the conventional resources available to me was humbling and made me feel even more alone as I ventured into transition. I didn’t know how to reinvent myself from SOF warrior to civilian. I felt lost and forgotten yet gifted with years of tremendous experience and skills. I just didn’t know how to verbalize or apply those traits as I began transition. I understood my identity as a Special Operations Soldier, but I didn’t know who I would become after retirement. Then a friend reached out to me to tell me about his experience with The Honor Foundation, and I found a glimmer of hope. I’ve gained so much value since beginning the Virtual Online Cohort — a sense of purpose; camaraderie with other transitioning SOF personnel; the ability to define in context who I’ve become over my career in SOF so that I understand where I’m going after transition – My Why, How and What; understanding personal and professional concepts that I haven’t yet been challenged with, but I know will make me the refined individual my future civilian employer is looking for. THF is providing me with the unconventional approach to problem solving we’re all accustomed to in SOF. If you’re transitioning in the next 24 months, or have recently transitioned, I highly recommend you seek out the opportunity THF offers to help you transition with the best possible resources available. I’m already recommending this program to those inside of my circle of influence. I recommend you do the same.