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Anthony Schmit

After 31 years service I was experiencing significant anxiety as my retirement approached. THF was absolutely instrumental in helping me learn who I am, what I value and polish the skills to give me the confidence I needed. I would recommend this program for anyone transitioning…. Especially if you have been in for a very… Read more »

Karl Miller

It was my honor to support the program. Each of the fellows I met with are gentlemen, well intentioned and very engaged to learn. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of this transition community.

Shaun Schofield

The Honor Foundation (THF) assisted me in identifying the gaps in my transition to the civilian sector. Further the program exposed me to an array of industries all of which were very interesting to include some that I thought I would not have had any interest in. THF wasn’t just a tool for my “tool… Read more »

Wade Hilderbrand

A life changing experience. THF’s commitment to preparing special operations veterans for their transition to life after the military is incredible. When you start this program, you join a team of talented professionals and veterans, all of whom are there for one reason, to help you succeed. It has been the most humbling experience of… Read more »

Steve Bush

The Trek is where it all came together for me. It was such a great opportunity to experience culture in a company, to interact with the people, and to find out where or where not to work.

Adam Berthold

The opportunity to spend 8-10 hours a week getting to purely focus on the transition is invaluable. Paired with the people I was in class with and the amazing coaches & mentors, it’s a truly transformative experience that we get to go through together.

Carrie Hammond

A life changing program that I am so incredibly grateful for the ability to attend. I really love how the program took us down to our roots and we learned about ourselves before diving into resumes, job interviews, etc. I went into that block knowing what my strengths were and what I brought to the… Read more »

Anthony Anderson

My time at THF was truly transformative and informative. The experience eased my fears about transition, providing valuable insights. The knowledgeable coaches and presenters, along with the dedicated volunteers and staff, genuinely inspired me. Thanks to THF, I now have a clearer understanding of my worth and the tools to confidently translate it into my… Read more »

Nick Nowlin

Standing on the precipice of a new chapter, I found myself adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The transition from the regimented world of the military to the untamed expanse of civilian life was akin to navigating a treacherous terrain without a compass. Amidst this bewildering labyrinth, The Honor Foundation (THF) emerged as a beacon… Read more »

Ryan Irvine

I didn’t know how lonely transition could be until it happened. THF made transitioning from the Navy, easy for lack of a better word. We all have that common apprehension of the unknown, and THF and cohort 76 reminded me to do what I’ve always done and meet things head on with the same amount… Read more »

Mike Vo

My most impactful moment was when I met my coach for the first time. Karl Miller was a phenomenal coach and in just the short amount of time I learned so much from him. It was insuring to hear him build up my confidence. Thank you THF for assigning coaches that will empower us in… Read more »

Patrick Medema

I had an amazing experience with THF. The staff and coaches were first rate, offering me helpful transition and personal insight. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want for my family and I after I take off the uniform. I plan to continue building the personal and professional network I started at… Read more »

Kiran Bisaccia

The Honor Foundation is a fantastic program for transitioning service members to discover their inner strengths, priorities, and goals. Thanks to the experiences and journey that I had, I made genuine progress towards achieving my goals in a meaningful career field. I was amazed at what I was exposed to, the relationships I built, and… Read more »

Shaun Greene

Before THF i was confused about what my next step would be and how to get it started. This experience has helped me to realize that sometimes you must let go and trust again. I know i haven’t even scratch the surface of what I’m capable of doing, but i feel more confident about my… Read more »

Robert P. Robbins

After 3 decades of preparing to win in conflict, THF has provided the tools and training to ensure success in an environment foreign to me – the civilian sector. The selfless contributions of the coaches and staff has proven to me that my skills are not only transferable, but are respected, valued, and sought after… Read more »

Mason Shelley

Prior to attending The Honor Foundation, I thought I had somewhat of an idea of what I might expect from the program and what my transition might be like. This program proved me wrong in so many ways from the coaching, classes, and encouragement. The amount of tools and experience I have gained from this… Read more »

Anthony Rose

The Honor Foundation (THF) completely changed my perspective on how I would approach my transition. Being in the military, I was focused on the team and the mission and had to take a step back and rediscover who I was apart from all of that. THF teaches you about yourself, prepares you for your next… Read more »

Jerry Holmes

After a 30 year career I wasn’t sure what was next for me, I struggled with the loss of identity and where I could add value outside of the Navy. THF helped me find my purpose and allowed me to transition from the Navy with confidence.

Tom Dejarnette

THF helped me understand the fundamentals of what to do. The curriculum is great for understanding self, personal values and how to articulate those values in a unique and personal way. I am thankful for The Honor Foundation.

Shawn Laliberte

Having served in the Marine Corps for almost 16 years, spending over ten of those in Marine Special Operations, I was eager to discover the next step in my life. But I was nervous about what I was going to do. In all honesty, I had no idea what it was that I wanted to… Read more »