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Calum Belden

While going through The Honor Foundation I discovered my why as “To empower others to achieve success through teamwork, mutual respect, and quality of character”. I can’t think of a better landing spot than Figure to allow me to continue executing my why. I am grateful for the many opportunities that THF provided for me… Read more »

Eric Kasmire

The THF experience helped prepare me for a difficult transition from wearing the uniform to life as a civilian. I didn’t nail it perfectly with the first job but I am now in the right career, working with the right people and most importantly, loving what I do.

Larry Lacefield

THF provided the candid feedback, direction and guidance needed to be successful in the next chapter.

John Rodriguez II

THF provided me with the foundation for transitioning from my career military to civilian life. These building blocks enabled me to have a smooth crossover from uniform to business casual.

Brad Turner

The Honor Foundation has provided me with the many tools I need to be successful in any endeavor I pursue after my military career. For the first time, I reflected on how my unique military experiences, projects, and accomplishments translate into something that is easily understood and meaningful to those outside of the military bubble…. Read more »

Daniel Sanfelice

THF was a life changing experience. It taught me that the skills I learned in the military are invaluable in the civilian workplace.

Mike Morris

Throughout history, no successful explorer traversed the unknown without a guiding star. When I first started my journey, I was that explorer, lost with no bearing or direction. The Honor Foundation, with is amazing staff, coaches, fellows and mentors, became that guiding star and helped me find my true north. By trusting their process and… Read more »