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Ryan Schlom

THF helped clear away the fog and predisposed uncertainty of transition. Preferences and priorities helped me the most early on, because I realized mine had changed, but I was still stuck in my own past. Phil, Rachel and Shannon, did an amazing job facilitating this course. Also Katie Wiesel, my coach did an outstanding job… Read more »

Brion Schweers

The Honor Foundation (THF) has been incredibly helpful in synchronizing all of the experiences, training, qualifications, and roles that I’ve obtained in a 20+ year career operating within Special Operations. Additionally, the classes, practical exercises, and treks provided a unique opportunity to obtain new knowledge that supported introspection and allowed me to forge a strategic… Read more »

Philip Waymon

The dedication and enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers sets THF apart. From the moment you walk in, to the end of the course, you feel encouraged, supported, and valued. The amount of resources THF leverages to support their fellows is akin to the quantity (and quality) leveraged in the careers of the SOF men… Read more »

Jeremy Shine

I am incredibly grateful for the life-changing experience I had through The Honor Foundation. The program provided me with the tools, resources, and support I needed to successfully transition from military service to the civilian workforce. The coaches and presenters were knowledgeable, supportive, and truly invested in my success. Thanks to The Honor Foundation, I… Read more »

Bill Bestermann

The Honor Foundation is a must for transitioning military members assigned to SOF. The program forced me to focus on myself when typically I focus on everyone else. I needed that forcing function to enable my future success. I learned so much from my peers, the course speakers, and my executive coach. This program changed… Read more »

Bob Davis

THF has really provided me an opportunity to reflect on my 36 years of service and internalize my Why. The entire program was beneficial when it helped me to tell me story, translate my military experiences into civilian speak, and allowed me to understand networking for more than I understood previously. THF is without a… Read more »

Zach Hoover

THF has been an incredible experience for me and my family. It has created space for me and my wife to discuss what the transition out of the military will mean for our family in ways that we would not have without THF. The THF team–both professional staff and volunteers–were beyond amazing throughout. I came… Read more »

Jay Knight

The Honor Foundation provided me with the invaluable tools and network to transition smoothly from military service to civilian life. Through their comprehensive programs and mentorship, I gained clarity on my career path and developed the confidence to identify and pursue my goals. The supportive community of fellow alumni continues to inspire and motivate me… Read more »

Joseph Lemens

As a Special Forces Captain with 10 years of military experience, I thought knew everything prior to starting THF…Joking! Seriously, I started THF very anxious about ‘what’s next?’. Although I don’t have a definitive answer to that question, I am undoubtedly in a better position now than I was three months ago. THF helped me… Read more »

Andy Nilson

An amazing experience with extremely dedicated staff and volunteers. THF really demystified several areas of transitioning that I was completely unfamiliar with including salary negotiation and networking. My favorite part of the program had to be the mock interviews. I felt unprepared going in, but each of the volunteer interviewers had great feedback and I… Read more »

Joshua Stephen

Network, network, network. Getting the knowledge and know how when looking into companies by utilizing those Cups of Coffee is critical when looking for that next career. I can’t thank everyone enough who works with THF for giving me this opportunity.

Eugene Radionov

The Honor Foundation provides an all-encompassing platform for transitioning service members to analyze, understand, and embrace their new operational environment, i.e., the private sector. The program’s homework assignments force fellows to genuinely think about who they are and what they want to do and, more importantly, where they can deliver a true value based on… Read more »

Jim Moore

This program was a game-changer for me. I didn’t realize how truly unprepared I was going into retirement. Now I feel like I’ve been given a detailed map and cheat codes. My outlook has completely changed and the trepidation has faded away. Thank You!

Steve Lester

THF gave me the tools, organization, and confidence to properly transition to the appropriate career for me.

Mark Williams

I feel like I have grown so much in the last few months. Some of was the addressing needs like building a useful resume or updating my LinkedIn profile, but most importantly was the opportunity to meet others that are experiencing the same anxieties I have regarding the closure of my military chapter and the… Read more »

Jason Johnston

THF gave me something to aim at, and taught me how to move toward it. The program is just as applicable for a 34 year O6 as it is for a 12 year E7. They drastically shortened my learning curve on how to transition, and in an environment where you’ll be surrounded by peers just… Read more »

George W.

The Honor Foundation program has been a huge blessing to me. I came into the transition process unsure of what I wanted to do next, unsure of what my purpose was, and unsure if I could find something fulfilling for my next season of life instead of simply doing defense contract work because “it’s what… Read more »

Chad Evans

THF provided insights, guidance, and introspection into transitioning that far exceeded anything I could have hoped. There is no better program out there, not just for Special Operations, but within the Department of Defense.

Alex Ford

The Honor Foundation took the transition process from an activity that makes people feel isolated and confused to one that is full of hope and possibilities. By creating a team of people and encouraging them to explore their why and future opportunities the Honor Foundation gave me a strong foundation to prepare myself and my… Read more »

Marc Losito

As a proud alumnus of The Honor Foundation, I can say with absolute certainty that this organization changed my life. When I began my military transition process, I was unsure of what direction to start walking and how I would know I was being successful. The Honor Foundation provided the roadmap and signage to make… Read more »