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Jake Anderson

When I started The Honor Foundation, I had tunnel vision of my goal in my next career path. However, everyone I knew that had recently left the military had told me to do this program, so I was like ok, I will do it. As I followed the program, had my cups of coffee, and… Read more »

Dan Porterfield

Before attending THF I had no idea what I wanted to do after the military. I had a few vague ideas but nothing was concrete. I didn’t know how my skills and preferences would transfer to the private sector or what type of roles I would bring value to. Even if I did figure out… Read more »

John F Walton II

Before I got into the Honor Foundation my transition was the biggest stressor in my life for me and my family. Thanks to the The Honor Foundation I am well prepared for my transition into the private sector my waypoint is keyed in. I can climb the mountain so that my family can soar. To… Read more »

Clinton Meade

When I went into the program I had no idea what to expect. But soon after it became clear to me the value that THF offers. I was definitely the guy that thought my experience wouldn’t translate to any job besides contracting and law enforcement. I was dead wrong. They taught us how to look… Read more »

Travis Kiser

I can’t say enough great things about the people and program from The Honor Foundation! The program gave me invaluable insights into my value proposition after exiting service and gave me the tools to connect my passions to a new profession. The staff, instructors, and coaches are all top-tier professionals that are clearly dedicated to… Read more »

Luis Mejia

“Coming into The Honor Foundation…it helps mold you into what you’re expecting to be, what you’re wanting to do. It shows you what your interests are, it shows you what your dislikes are – it makes you marketable.”

Chris Bannister

Making the time for THF’s program was the best decision I made during my transition and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Luis Mejia

I could not be happier with my next career path and most of all I could not have done it without the hard work and dedication that you guys put in day in and day out for us SOF veterans. Thanks again, super proud to call myself an alum and have continued to push people… Read more »

Victoria Carr

THF reinforces your self worth during your transition, giving you the tools to achieve what you deserve after your time in service.

Garret Harrell

My greatest fear prior to starting the fellowship was really understanding the future opportunities I’d have post-retirement and the difficulty in choosing. The Honor Foundation turned that fear into excitement. I’m not only excited about the options to come, but I’m better equipped to do so. The dynamic which takes place between the fellows, mentors,… Read more »

Aaron Schwartz

For 20 years I was surrounded by teammates who would sacrifice everything for each other ensuring each other’s success. THF provides that same level of commitment and community while transitioning from the service.