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When I started The Honor Foundation, I had tunnel vision of my goal in my next career path. However, everyone I knew that had recently left the military had told me to do this program, so I was like ok, I will do it. As I followed the program, had my cups of coffee, and interacted with my coach, I could truly find myself and realize that what I wanted in life was not what I was pursuing. Now, I am proud to say that after using the techniques taught. Through this program, I was able to get into a graduate school of engineering to pursue a Master of Computer Science. When I first spoke to the admissions advisor, it was clear academically that I needed to meet some of the pre-requisite classes required. Still, because of my experience and story, the college waived these requirements, leading to my acceptance. I encourage any of my fellow members of the SOF community to trust the process and promise that if you put in the work to the program, you will see the rewards.