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Jake Anderson

When I started The Honor Foundation, I had tunnel vision of my goal in my next career path. However, everyone I knew that had recently left the military had told me to do this program, so I was like ok, I will do it. As I followed the program, had my cups of coffee, and… Read more »

Chris Woidt

Prior to The Honor Foundation I thought my experience only translated to possible employment in a defense industry or as a government civilian. The program’s first phase helped me to understand what was important to me and the type of culture I want to be part of. After meeting with numerous businesses in the local… Read more »

John F Walton II

Before I got into the Honor Foundation my transition was the biggest stressor in my life for me and my family. Thanks to the The Honor Foundation I am well prepared for my transition into the private sector my waypoint is keyed in. I can climb the mountain so that my family can soar. To… Read more »

Daniel Headrick

The Honor Foundation provided me with something that cannot be measured in dollars and cents. This organization clearly does more with less considering the incredible network, quality of instruction/instructors, and genuine desire to catapult talented transitioning veterans into the workforce. Honored to help all future THF alumnus any way I can.

Kevin D Smith

I was excited to start the next chapter in my career but had little direction. The Honor Foundation provided me with the guidance and tools required for the journey. The Honor Foundation curriculum is comparable to getting a degree in transiting. I don’t know where I would be without it.

Kiran Bisaccia

The Honor Foundation is a fantastic program for transitioning service members to discover their inner strengths, priorities, and goals. Thanks to the experiences and journey that I had, I made genuine progress towards achieving my goals in a meaningful career field. I was amazed at what I was exposed to, the relationships I built, and… Read more »

Kyle Haire

Quite frankly, I don’t know where I would be without The Honor Foundation. The passion, compassion, and dedication displayed throughout the enterprise is inspiring. In each and every deliberate encounter in each phase, their team provide you the opportunity to dig deep inside the depths of your soul, in order to determine what actually drives… Read more »

David Handy

More than just a series of classes, THF is comprised of a dedicated team of talented staff, world class coaches, competitive companies and great Americans donating their time, knowledge, resources, guidance and advice. This process helped me define a meaningful path and build the confidence and tools to articulate my experience, value, wants and needs…. Read more »

Jeff Rice

I would like to thank all of THF staff for their hard work and dedication to each Fellow, and for assisting us with our transition. I can honestly say I am in a better place than I was three months ago, and feel more confident about my next career path. The coaching, networking and cups… Read more »

Victoria Carr

THF reinforces your self worth during your transition, giving you the tools to achieve what you deserve after your time in service.

Tres Smith

Our greatest strength as military service members is to be given a task across a broad spectrum of responsibilities and to simply make it happen, successfully! Unfortunately the ability to translate that skill and adapt a mindset from knowing I can accomplish a job to finding a job I was truly interested in was my… Read more »