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Ryan Duhon

The Honor Foundation has afforded me a multitude of opportunities. Not only has it given me the skill sets to network effectively, communicate my military experiences to corporate America, and meet with experienced coaches and mentors, it has really built my confidence to go out and look for a career that will best suit my… Read more »

Gil Barrera

In the SPECOPS community, we are taught to never make a promise you cannot keep; THF delivered on all of theirs!

John Faatz

Deciding to retire after almost 29 years of service, 23 of which I spent in Special Operations, was a daunting decision. Seeing the conventional resources available to me was humbling and made me feel even more alone as I ventured into transition. I didn’t know how to reinvent myself from SOF warrior to civilian. I… Read more »

Bryan Cochran

My experiences with The Honor Foundation (THF) has been awesome! The professional coaching, the contacts in industry and the professionalism of THF Staff has been outstanding. If you are getting out of the military, you MUST take this course.