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Paul Hutchings

The THF has been an awesome opportunity to go through the transition experience with SOF warriors of like mind. I highly recommend this program to all of those who want to get the most of their change of mission and next chapter!

Emily Adams

THF challenges you look inward to the corners of oneself, to draw out purpose. This new-found meaning becomes the drumbeat of your extraordinary journey through THF’s vast amount of useful transition tools and helps connect you to THF’s inspired networks of experts and coaches. Advice to future Fellows: your military record can tell you what… Read more »

Andrew Milburn

THF did more than teach me invaluable transition skills — it fundamentally changed my outlook on what I was looking for and how to go about getting it. Hard perhaps to believe that you can learn more about yourself after leaving a career in SOF, but true nevertheless.

Joey Jenkins

My THF experience was amazing! When I started this journey, I was anxious and unsure of how I was going to navigate my transition with regards to reentering the civilian workforce. This experience has helped me confirm my field of interest and validate my personal strengths that I can offer to an outside business. Throughout… Read more »

Keith Parry

THF’s transition training for our new “mission” is just as challenging, relevant, rewarding, and stellar as in our previous careers and teams.