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Steven Hampson

THF helped me out of the “flail phase.” I learned how to put words to what I valued and clearly articulate my strengths. It’s not easiest program, but if you do the work, reflect, and trust the process you’ll have the tools to start writing the next chapter of your life.

Harry Centeno

When I first joined the Honor Foundation, like many other fellows I was seeking direction, eager for growth, and hungry for information. What I found was much more — the tremendous staff, incredible fellows, and invaluable network will undoubtedly have a positive impact on me for the rest of my life. Thank you, THF!!

Bob Marsh

This program will yield value well beyond transition! It has been a catalyst to challenge my most inner thoughts and desires, brought clarity and an executable path to my next steps, and validated deeply repressed feelings on my contribution and value i will bring value to a future teams. It is delivered by experts, supported… Read more »

Joe Allen

THF took what I knew about military transition and turned everything upside down. This program is a paradigm shift for the way military members think about finding a job and then fitting their life within that job. Here, THF helped me realize my non-negotiables, priorities, and what I want my life to look like. Then… Read more »

Robert Balderston

THF provided me with a guidebook and mentors advising me during my transition. Thanks to THF, I have gained a clear understanding of myself, boosted my confidence to tackle any challenges that come my way, and equipped myself with the tools to overcome the unknown. The camaraderie established among my cohort and the THF Alumni… Read more »

Isaac Ro

THF has been life changing. It has helped me reshape my perspective on transitioning out of the military. I originally had my doubts, but THF has done an exceptional job helping service members find their identity outside of the military. It also provides a panel of experts with real world experience to provide mentorship and… Read more »

Jeff Tompkins

The Honor Foundation experience was the perfect capstone to my military career. The Honor Foundation taught me how to appreciate my own service, and also how to capitalize on the skills I gained throughout my service. My wife and I have nothing but profound gratitude for the Honor Foundation Staff, volunteers and sponsoring organizations that… Read more »

Timothy Miller

I came into this a full skeptic. I am leaving this program a believer, with a purpose, a direction, and some good friends.

Chris Auger

I was able to audit the virtual program as I went through class 2 in San Diego in Fall 2014. Having only had one job since retirement in March 2015, this was an opportunity to sharpen the saw and take advantage of the Transition program in its up to date format. It has been very… Read more »

Govanda Sawyack

THF has been tremendous source of information and knowledge in helping me through my transition from the military. The formula that folks at THF were able to put together to help prepare me and other services members to find the answer to “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up” is… Read more »

Chad Nakamura

“Outstanding transition program!” My confidence has doubled thanks to the in-depth program offered during the virtual class. The coaching and staff were phenomenal. Impactful lessons learned with resume writing, interview approaches, and finding your “why” were game changers for me. I feel fully prepared for my transition, thanks to THF.

Ed Canon

The Honor Foundation helped me discover the reason I did what I did all these years, and helped me sift through the noise to find my purpose. After this the THF staff encouraged critical thinking about how my purpose could be applied professionally, and personally. Finally, the program allowed me to see my value, probably… Read more »

Matt Dolsen

As a transitioning SGM with over 20 years of service I knew I would be required to acclimate to an entire different culture. THF was there to highlight areas of transition into the private sector that simply never occurred to me. I now have a better understanding of how to stand out in the private… Read more »

Doug Munz

THF is an amazing opportunity and a generous gift to the SOF Community. All leaders, administrators, guests and volunteers were top notch and helped greatly in this critical time of transition. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and would recommend The Honor Foundation to any transitioning SOF veteran regardless of age, rank or… Read more »

Robin Sielert

The Honor Foundation was a thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening experience. While I enjoyed finding my WHY statement, I found the mock interviews and networking experiences to be the highlight. Hearing both veteran and non-veteran stories and insights about employment and life have enriched my journey. Trust the process!

Ryan Penne

At first, The Honor Foundation seemed like a daunting endeavor. Balancing three months of intensive work with my full-time job was no small ask. However, I knew I was lost in my transition, and chose to make the commitment. Looking back, I’m incredibly grateful that I did. THF’s approach resonated deeply with me. Starting with… Read more »

Chris Welch

The THF virtual program came to me at the perfect time, just as I was starting to feel overwhelmed with a pending retirement. The program covered everything I needed, in just the right amount, to help me move through re-thinking my “why,” encourage me to create a process of outreach/networking, and help reinforce my belief… Read more »

Ashley Nefcy

Of the dozens of perks that comes with joining The Honor Foundation, one main thing I want to highlight is the absolutely outstanding people you will meet through the program. The staff, coaches, speakers, volunteers, other alumni, and other cohort fellows are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of working… Read more »

Joseph Black

My journey as a fellow with Class 72 of the Honor Foundation was an immersion into an elite realm, characterized by peerless leadership and exemplary standards. This transformative fellowship rewired my potential, shattered my previous perceptions of limitations, and bestowed me with a unique competitive advantage. It equipped me with unassailable resilience, amplified my confidence,… Read more »

Jimmy Glendening

After my career in the military, I embarked on a daunting transition journey into the civilian world that quickly eroded my self-identity and life purpose. Figuratively speaking, I was patrolling in unfamiliar territory without a map or compass at night, relying solely on my grit and intuition. After nine months out of the military, I… Read more »