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Kiran Bisaccia

The Honor Foundation is a fantastic program for transitioning service members to discover their inner strengths, priorities, and goals. Thanks to the experiences and journey that I had, I made genuine progress towards achieving my goals in a meaningful career field. I was amazed at what I was exposed to, the relationships I built, and… Read more »

Shaun Greene

Before THF i was confused about what my next step would be and how to get it started. This experience has helped me to realize that sometimes you must let go and trust again. I know i haven’t even scratch the surface of what I’m capable of doing, but i feel more confident about my… Read more »

Robert P. Robbins

After 3 decades of preparing to win in conflict, THF has provided the tools and training to ensure success in an environment foreign to me – the civilian sector. The selfless contributions of the coaches and staff has proven to me that my skills are not only transferable, but are respected, valued, and sought after… Read more »

Mason Shelley

Prior to attending The Honor Foundation, I thought I had somewhat of an idea of what I might expect from the program and what my transition might be like. This program proved me wrong in so many ways from the coaching, classes, and encouragement. The amount of tools and experience I have gained from this… Read more »

Anthony Rose

The Honor Foundation (THF) completely changed my perspective on how I would approach my transition. Being in the military, I was focused on the team and the mission and had to take a step back and rediscover who I was apart from all of that. THF teaches you about yourself, prepares you for your next… Read more »