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Jimmy Kitchen

THF was a fantastic growth experience. Cally and Kelsey really helped shine a light on the coming uncertainty. I learned my WHY, understood my strengths and weaknesses, and met a lot of great people. The most impactful aspects were story night and mock interviews. These moments allowed us to articulate who we are, what drives… Read more »

Dennis Castellanos

The THF program provided an opportunity to allow my self to be vulnerable and share my ideas openly with peers, coaches and mentors. This practice provided a safe environment that contributed to an increase in my self reflection. And while self reflecting I was able to confirm my priorities and soul search a few ideas… Read more »

Grace Ruiz

The THF really helped me focus on me! Learning and verifying my strengths and themes really assisted in finding out what really makes me… me. Thanks to the THF, I now have my LinkedIn and Resume up to par. I have benefitted from each and every one of the modules we went over. But it… Read more »

Adam McCaw

Such a wonderful program for transitioning SOF. It gets you dialed in and polished for the civilian sector by making your skills that you’ve acquired in your military service translated into civilian marketable skills.

Armondo Mercado

The Honor Foundation excels in equipping transitioning service members with the necessary skills for networking, resume building, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles, among many other valuable services. They truly go above and beyond in their commitment to preparing service members for the civilian workforce. Throughout the process, my coach, Ashley, demonstrated exceptional dedication and attentiveness. She… Read more »

Heather Demis

The skills provided by THF to help determine my future are truly remarkable. I have never taken a course that was more geared to help and support my future. As a 20 year veteran, I have only truly know the Air Force way of life and thought my next step in life was just to… Read more »

Neil Isder

The Honor Foundation was extremely helpful in getting me to think regarding what I truly was capable of outside of the military. It challenged me to dig deeper into my experiences and into my training. THF was amazing and the connections are outstanding. Favorite class was a mix between the why statement and networking.

Michael Devito

I medically retired from active duty in 2018. I was completely unprepared for the environment I was about to enter and the circumstances in which I was going through. Divorce, bankruptcy, homelessness, and depression were among the many I endured at once. I was fortunate to survive all of that but even more fortunate to… Read more »

J.P. Guidry

THF was the finest experience of my transition process. First class program with world class people! Thank you.

Carl Nicholson

I’m so impressed by the overall curriculum of THF. This is a well thought out, timed, and executed program. It has taught me things critical to transition that I would have otherwise been in the dark about. To couple that with a group of the caliber of guys in the same position makes it invaluable…. Read more »

Jon Preston

THF is a great ice breaking facilitator that forces an inward look to rediscover your priorities, goals and your purpose in the form of your “why”? The heartbeat of THF lies with the amazing corporate professionals (volunteers) that provide unparalleled networking and coaching opportunities that would otherwise take years to develop. A huge thank you… Read more »