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The THF program provided an opportunity to allow my self to be vulnerable and share my ideas openly with peers, coaches and mentors. This practice provided a safe environment that contributed to an increase in my self reflection. And while self reflecting I was able to confirm my priorities and soul search a few ideas worth exploring. My favorite portions of the course were the story telling among peers. It was helpful to meet and hear from so many talented servicemen and women serving within the Special Operations community. This venue afforded me the opportunity to cherry pick great ideas to consider during my transition planning. The other favorite venue were the sessions with coach “Jay” Jenkins. I found my self frequently speaking with a friend that I have never met personally. His feedback was priceless and provided multiple nuggets of consideration as I was drafting my transition plan. Ultimately, I needed the time to reflect and think about my options and preferences. THF provided me with this space and multiple tools to prepared me for the transition. Moving forward, I will recommend to anyone transitioning from the service.