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Lukas Michels

The Honor Foundation provided me a new outlook on life outside of the military. I felt stressed and lost during my transition. THF has helped me learn more about myself and my interests. My vision for the future is more narrow. I have a new set of goals that drive me to go out and… Read more »

Garrett Rodrigues

This transition course has been life changing and I feel armed with the skills to tackle the next chapter. I personally enjoyed the mock interviews as well as all the networking events which have helped me get to my 5 meter target. I still don’t know what I want to do but I now understand… Read more »

Bruce Morris

A 3-month program that completely refined me as a person leaving the service to join the civilian world.

Robert Fredrich

THF provided the opportunity to reflect on my career and find out why I was so good at the things I was good at. Pairing that knowledge with my Gallup Strengths painted a clear path toward business development. Prior to THF I had no idea what business development was. Through this process I not only… Read more »

Mason Shelley

Prior to attending The Honor Foundation, I thought I had somewhat of an idea of what I might expect from the program and what my transition might be like. This program proved me wrong in so many ways from the coaching, classes, and encouragement. The amount of tools and experience I have gained from this… Read more »

Jason Hunt

The Honor Foundation program is outstanding. You get to reinvent yourself, find out who you really are and then focus…and they show you how to do that.

Adam Rabon

Inundated with ideas, as many of us are, The Honor Foundation helped to focus my thoughts into a clear roadmap for the future that aligned with my preferences and values. Through the THF process and staff inputs, I began to fully understand what was important to me and find my next niche where I can… Read more »

Cody Wilps

I came into this program not really knowing what to expect. I was surprised on how much I actually learned. It wasn’t all about resumes, interviews, and how to get hired. For me it was self discovery and finding a career path that would truly make me feel fulfilled with life.

Mark Widmer

The Honor Foundation is the perfect signal to wake us from our dream of service. It stands as the vital passageway of transformation that reassures us as we evolve from the warrior stage. It shows us how we are different as a result of following our calling and guides us to discovering the value that… Read more »

Fred Soule

Like everything, your THF cohort will go faster than expected , but the networks and relationships you build will last a long time. So network hard, take full advantage, reach out to people, and develop strong relationships that will follow you through your next career.

Michael Curtis

My experience going through The Honor Foundation was phenomenal and really had a major impact on the success I have had in my post military transition thus far. The staff at THF truly believes in their mission, and is dedicated to helping each and every candidate successfully transition to their next journey in life. Embrace… Read more »

Guy Smith

I went through a rough transition, but THF provided me with the tools, mentorship, and guidance to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Hands down one of the best decisions I could have made for the future of my family and for myself.

Anthony Rivera

THF bridges the networking gap that Special Operations veterans do not have the time to manage, and perfect, while on active duty. Without THF this talent pool would have no other professional options other than the government contracting world. THF provides options and limitless opportunity!

Keith Kallio

I have had the opportunity to thrive in my new role. THF enhances what I already had. Leaders in my business have remarked about the professionalism I exhibit; both during the interview process and in day to day work habits. THF helped prepare me for what came next.

Ross Leeberg

My transition arrived very abruptly, and I was confused and unsure. THF guided and prepared me to make myself and my family succeed.

Dan Hathorn

The Honor Foundation gave legs to the idea that I could add value to society outside of the SOF community by utilizing an approach towards curriculum programming that was a blend of subtractive and additive genius. Learning what strengths, nomenclature, skills and habits would add purpose to my post SOF career was instrumental in preparing… Read more »

Daniel Sanfelice

THF was a life changing experience. It taught me that the skills I learned in the military are invaluable in the civilian workplace.