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Dwayne DeSchon

After networking, I discovered my true calling: to aid the men and women of Special Operations Commands during their transitional phase. With the assistance of The Honor Foundation, I now have the skills to be part of the process that helps so many individuals find their path in life. It is truly an honor for… Read more »

Karl Miller

It was my honor to support the program. Each of the fellows I met with are gentlemen, well intentioned and very engaged to learn. I consider myself extremely fortunate to be part of this transition community.

Shaun Schofield

The Honor Foundation (THF) assisted me in identifying the gaps in my transition to the civilian sector. Further the program exposed me to an array of industries all of which were very interesting to include some that I thought I would not have had any interest in. THF wasn’t just a tool for my “tool… Read more »

Chris Auger

I was able to audit the virtual program as I went through class 2 in San Diego in Fall 2014. Having only had one job since retirement in March 2015, this was an opportunity to sharpen the saw and take advantage of the Transition program in its up to date format. It has been very… Read more »

Doug Munz

THF is an amazing opportunity and a generous gift to the SOF Community. All leaders, administrators, guests and volunteers were top notch and helped greatly in this critical time of transition. I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience and would recommend The Honor Foundation to any transitioning SOF veteran regardless of age, rank or… Read more »

Wayne Siegmund

The Fellowship has allowed me to develop a professional resume and LinkedIn profile, discover my WHY, leverage my Strengths in mock interviews, network via THF Cups of Coffee and multi-day treks, and be appointed an experienced Coach. Janie, Ashley, and Stephanie are top-notch facilitators providing world-class guest speakers. The Honor Foundation is the requisite executive… Read more »

Robert P. Robbins

After 3 decades of preparing to win in conflict, THF has provided the tools and training to ensure success in an environment foreign to me – the civilian sector. The selfless contributions of the coaches and staff has proven to me that my skills are not only transferable, but are respected, valued, and sought after… Read more »

Brad Stevens

THF really made me think about where I am at this stage in my life and what do I really want to do moving forward when I leave the military. The self reflecting was very insightful and the resume building help and advice was greatly appreciated. The staff was incredible and the course is very… Read more »

Tom Dejarnette

THF helped me understand the fundamentals of what to do. The curriculum is great for understanding self, personal values and how to articulate those values in a unique and personal way. I am thankful for The Honor Foundation.

Robert Carter

There are resources out there for educating yourself about transition and how to find a job but what THF did for me was give me the tools to do it myself. I have the job search skills I need now and as I climb the ladder in my next career. Thank you THF, for the… Read more »

Matt Hall

The Honor Foundation is a professional, focused program that is the end of career equivalent of a well-run pre-deployment package. You will get quality instruction, tailored resources, and free advice from an incredible foundation dedicated to helping veterans succeed after the military. Regards transition, you don’t know what you don’t know, but THF does.

Henry Guevara

The Honor Foundation was a groundbreaking experience to help me move outside of my circle of friends and associates which has become a comfort zone of predictability. By creating opportunities to work 1:1 with an Executive Coach, put myself out there and invite outside professionals to a cup of coffee, and introduce myself to a… Read more »

Antone Aku

Transition is a Team Sport, lean on your fellows in the Cohort to guide your transition. No matter how smart or experienced you are, there is always something to learn in life and THF will help you find those opportunities to learn about yourself through the hardest part of your career….THE TRANSITION. GOOD LUCK!

Bryan Johnson

The Honor Foundation provides access to world-class advisors passionate about helping us transition successfully. I’ve learned more than I realize and continue to learn more every day! THF is not a sacrifice – it is like being handed the “golden conex box” of transition tools. I can’t say enough about the THF Team.

Jim Gardner

The Honor Foundation gave me the tools, mentorship, and resources to help make my transition successful.

Diego Ugalde

Thank You THF for illuminating the path I was born to walk.

Jonerik Blank

THF does a great job of making you comfortable doing something you probably didn’t do much in the military: talking about and selling yourself. It is a journey, and by the end you feel much more confident relating your past experiences in civilian speak. My advice for future fellows: be patient. As they tell you… Read more »

Raynaldo Baviera

The skills and knowledge I gained from THF has been priceless! Most of all, THF helped me identify my blinds spots, whereby working on my weaknesses, but focusing on my strengths. Through a process of introspection, THF Coaches and Mentors have facilitated in helping me to identify what I am passionate about, which is entrepreneurship… Read more »

Bryan Chesnut

THF translated every skill that I developed over the course of 23 years in the Navy, into a coherent language to help me assimilate into the civilian workforce. THF taught me to focus on my strengths and to seek fulfillment over anything else — an invaluable lesson for life.

Frank Ornelas

THF provides transitioning military personnel the tools necessary to enhance their probability of having a successful transition into the private sector.