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Anthony Schmit

After 31 years service I was experiencing significant anxiety as my retirement approached. THF was absolutely instrumental in helping me learn who I am, what I value and polish the skills to give me the confidence I needed. I would recommend this program for anyone transitioning…. Especially if you have been in for a very… Read more »

Wade Hilderbrand

A life changing experience. THF’s commitment to preparing special operations veterans for their transition to life after the military is incredible. When you start this program, you join a team of talented professionals and veterans, all of whom are there for one reason, to help you succeed. It has been the most humbling experience of… Read more »

Steve Bush

The Trek is where it all came together for me. It was such a great opportunity to experience culture in a company, to interact with the people, and to find out where or where not to work.

Adam Berthold

The opportunity to spend 8-10 hours a week getting to purely focus on the transition is invaluable. Paired with the people I was in class with and the amazing coaches & mentors, it’s a truly transformative experience that we get to go through together.

Kyle Machol

The Honor Foundation is delivers exactly as promised; a premier transition option for transitioning service members. The work and time demands are quite extensive, so not for everyone, but if you can dedicate the required time, there is zero reason those who qualify should not apply.

Nick Albarracin

THF has helped me tremendously throughout my transitioning phase out of the military. I went from not having any idea what the future looked like or what I wanted to do, to finding purpose again and having a focused transitioning path. If you are transitioning out and have the opportunity to be a fellow, I… Read more »

Steve Fellman

Great program! Well thought out in a way that makes you dive deep into yourself and discover what you want in your next life.

Casey McHenry

The THF program is truly amazing and worth the investment of your time. I wanted help finding my “why” and expanding my network. THF gave me both in spades and the confidence in the process to know I’m now on the right path. You won’t be sorry.

Anthony Rose

The Honor Foundation (THF) completely changed my perspective on how I would approach my transition. Being in the military, I was focused on the team and the mission and had to take a step back and rediscover who I was apart from all of that. THF teaches you about yourself, prepares you for your next… Read more »

Jerry Holmes

After a 30 year career I wasn’t sure what was next for me, I struggled with the loss of identity and where I could add value outside of the Navy. THF helped me find my purpose and allowed me to transition from the Navy with confidence.

Jack Smith

You will not find a better group of people to learn from, share with, and explore alongside. I personally learned so much from the fellows in my cohort- I hope one day to be able to return the favor. Thanks for everything THF!

Dennis Doan

Before the Honor Foundation I had no clue what I wanted to do when I retired. I thought I lacked the skills required to get a decent civilian job but after going through the Honor Foundation I realize all my military experience is a huge asset to many employers! Now there are so many things… Read more »

Seth Cummings

During this wild year, my biggest takeaway from 2020 has been The Honor Foundation. With all the crazy things happening this year, plus my pending retirement/transition and continuing education, THF has been my own center of the hurricane. Each class helped me center my energy and focus my efforts with not only the staff’s help… Read more »

Eric Wirstrom

Trust the process. The THF professional development program helps you develop the skills and confidence necessary to successfully transition to your next mission.

Bryan Cochran

My experiences with The Honor Foundation (THF) has been awesome! The professional coaching, the contacts in industry and the professionalism of THF Staff has been outstanding. If you are getting out of the military, you MUST take this course.

Brad Turner

The Honor Foundation has provided me with the many tools I need to be successful in any endeavor I pursue after my military career. For the first time, I reflected on how my unique military experiences, projects, and accomplishments translate into something that is easily understood and meaningful to those outside of the military bubble…. Read more »

Ben Adams

The Honor Foundation changed the trajectory of my family, life and transition. To discover self and my “why” was beyond imagination. To a father of six working toward a successful transiiton since 2015 while on a single income, priceless!