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1. Application

We are in search of Special Operators who hold themselves to a high standard of core values, guiding principles and work ethic. First, we recruit on a rolling basis those military professionals who are 12-15 months out from their separation or retirement. Second, we search out those who are enthusiastic about enriching the transition experience of their Teammates. Lastly, there are no formal educational prerequisites, however, the educational experience is 15 weeks/120 hours of intense executive style education, professional development, one-on-one career coaching and has a strict attendance policy. application video image

2. Selection

The Honor Foundation is not for everyone. Our selection process was co-created by executives and military leadership from within the U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. To ensure we carry on the professional legacy of the SOF community, we must select candidates based on a strong background of professional achievement, organizational responsibility, and personal accountability. program selection video image

3. Admission

THF selects members of the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community seeking a transition program tailored to their skill sets, experiences and competitive natures. Our program has been specifically designed to serve Special Operators in transition from a SOF community to their next adventure in the private sector, extended education or entrepreneurship. program admissin video image

4. Assessment

Upon admission into THF, you will immediately take a battery of assessments i.e. vocational, personality, emotional intelligence, strengths and THF’s own Transition Readiness Assessment. These are an integral part of our Program’s offerings as they help determine whether or not everyone's goals are being met. Our assessments inspire our Fellows to ask better questions and therefore allow us to provide a truly tailored program for the unique population we serve. program assesment video image

5. Phase 1 "You"

Before you create a single resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, you must first get uncomfortable in order to get comfortable. We have created a unique and engaging method to get our Fellows talking about themselves and their unique military experience. In order to become an effective communicator of your background, you must first learn how to answer tough questions about YOU. During this Phase, you will be inspired to learn about yourself alongside professional coaches and mentors to guide you through the process. arrow button for phase 1 video

6. Phase 2 “Your Gear”

You cannot begin any new adventure without the proper gear. Your next career adventure is no different. This phase was created to address a specific need unique to the Navy SEAL, Marine Raider and broader Special Operations Forces community. We not only teach our Fellows how to describe their professional work history in an impactful and safe description on a resume, social media platform or in interviews, but also how to then utilize these mediums to work for them, never against them. This phase will also focus on your personal pitch, with the phase ending in a mock interview. phase 2 play arrow

7. Phase 3 “Your Workup”

The third phase of the THF Program brings together what you have learned from Phase 1 and 2 and puts your skills to practice. During this phase, Fellows will research businesses and industries of interest, learn the steps for entrepreneurship, attend a “Trek” to various companies to experience their organization and culture first-hand, and end the phase with Graduation! phase 3 arrow

8. Network

Since our founding in 2014, THF has built and designed a “network of networks” -- a collection of names and faces in various industries and positions. Our network is a strong, carefully chosen group of executives, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs and professors, who are truly vested in our Alumni’s future success. Every person involved with our ecosystem is standing by to produce levels of excellence. In addition to these individuals, Alumni will have access to all Alumni and THF connections -- for life. Our Mission is infinite and THF will continue to serve those who have served us. program network arrow

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