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THF Director of People, Hillary Hays, was featured on a recent episode of Parent Boss Leader podcast, with host host Laura Munson.

“Together, they delve into the intricacies of transitioning from military service to corporate leadership, exploring topics such as self-discovery, tactical transition preparation, and industry immersion.

Episode Highlights:

  • Hillary’s personal journey from a successful staffing career to a purpose-driven role supporting veterans.
  • The holistic program at The Honor Foundation, covering self-discovery, tactical training, and immersive industry experiences.
  • The impact of mock interviews, professional panels, and company tours in shaping veterans’ career trajectories.
  • Revealing the unique skills and untapped potential veterans offer to the corporate world. -Corporate collaboration with The Honor Foundation, fostering successful veteran transitions.
  • And more!”

Watch the full episode below or visit the Parent Boss Leader YouTube Channel for more episodes.