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Just a couple of weeks ago, The Honor Foundation organized a three-day visit to some of the most prestigious and typically private companies in Southern California. We’ve done this in the past with our Honor in the Valley series, during which we’ve arranged for our Fellows to gain exclusive access to companies in Silicon Valley like Facebook, Palantir, and Google. Knowing the breadth of incredible opportunity that exists closer to home, we organized a similar trip to Los Angeles and Orange County that put our Fellows in front of the Walt Disney Company, SpaceX, The Honest Company, Activision, Red Bull, and Deloitte Services LP. This kind of access, to these kinds of companies, is typically very limited to job seekers, but THF staff has made it a priority to maintain strong connections that can breach those limitations with these top employers. Company visits are a tremendous value that we offer to our Fellows through our program. Connecting our Fellows with these companies, in an intimate setting, is critical to our mission: it allows them not only to grow their networks, but gain exposure to the incredible range of professional possibility that exists for them after their military career.