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Navy SEAL Foundation Chairman of the Board: Rear Admiral Garry J. Bonelli from The Honor Foundation on Vimeo.

THF recently received a $2million, three year grant from The Navy Seal Foundation, the largest ever given by the organization in its 15-year history.

“We’re honored to receive such tremendous support from The Navy SEAL Foundation,” said THF Founder/CEO Joe Musselman. “Our government has spent billions training and educating the elite service men and women we serve. They are among the most competent and technically trained workforce on the planet. This $2 million Founding Partner Grant will help to ensure they thrive in their post-military missions.”

One THF Fellow explained why he felt the connection between the two organizations was a natural fit. “The Navy SEAL Foundation served me and my family in critical ways while I was active duty. Then, as I approached transition, I felt like I was in free-fall. The programs and people surrounding The Honor Foundation are exceptional and it was entirely tailored for me. As a result of their process and program, I started my new role inside of Airbnb as the Lead Partner in Trust and Safety, North America. I couldn’t see a more complementary partnership between these two organizations, and I know the Navy SEAL Foundation’s support will help take The Honor Foundation to the next level of scale in order to reach all my Teammates.”

The grant will aid THF in the continued development and growth of our world-class programs. By 2018, THF will have transitioned over six-hundred U.S. Navy SEALs into the private sector.

As a Founding Partner of THF, The Navy SEAL Foundation continues to honor its mission of supporting and empowering active duty Naval Special Warfare service members. The partnership between the two foundations will serve as a vital connection for the Special Operations Forces community to transition services while deepening the understanding of the needs and concerns of the Naval Special Warfare community.

“We’re thrilled to be able to support The Honor Foundation in the important work that they do,” said Robin King, CEO of The Navy SEAL Foundation. “There has long been a serious need for the process and programs they provide our SEALs and Naval Special Warfare community—THF are able to pick up where we leave off in our service to them, and help empower a seamless and successful transition into the civilian workforce.”