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Luis “Lu” Mejia

Luis Mejia was born in Newark, New jersey and raised there for a majority of his childhood. Lu was a multisport athlete since he was young and even played at the collegiate level. Lu attended college at St. Peter’s in Jersey City, N.J., but was not content with his path, so he decided to enlist into the Marine Corps in January of 1998. Lu worked his way up the ranks through Amphibious Reconnaissance and Force Reconnaissance on numerous deployments, critical billets, and teams, until his team was absolved and transitioned into Marine Special Operations Command (MARSOC). Lu attended Assessment and Selection and earned the coveted title of Critical Skill Operator.

He served many billets in MARSOC, everything from Elements Leader, Team Chief, Company Operations Chief/ Company Senior Enlisted Advisor (SEA) to his last billet as the MARSOC HQ G-7 SEA. Lu served with MARSOC until he retired from the unit in June of 2021 after 23 ½ years of honorable service. Luis has served in multiple combat zones like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. While on active-duty, Luis earned himself an associated degree in General Studies (with Honors) and a bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security (Summa Cum Laude).

Upon retiring from the Marine Corps, Lu found his next career path through the help of the Honor Foundation and currently serves as the Greensea Project Manager for Special Operations Forces Technologies. He currently lives in Hampstead, NC with his wife Elizabeth and his three children Troy, Daniel, and Haley.