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Corey Fossbender

Corey was born in Baltimore, Maryland and was raised and graduated from high school in Riverside, California. Corey enlisted in the Air Force in 1992 as an Aircraft Armament Technician. He was assigned to Holloman AFB, NM after graduation of technical school and was a Weapons Technician in the F-117 program. In 1995 he volunteered and was selected for special duty as an aerial gunner on the USAF MH- 53 helicopter. He served in six different assignments in the MH-53 Pavelow helicopter and helped retire the weapons system flying the last combat sortie. After the Pavelow’s retirement he transitioned to the AC-130U Gunship in 2008. Corey retired from the Air Force after 30 years on service. He spent 27 years in Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC). Corey is an accomplished goal-oriented leader and under his leadership, organizations and teammates have excelled and proven themselves winning multiple awards for performance and professionalism. Corey has had over 20 combat deployments in support of United States Special Operations Command. He has over 5,500 flying hours to include 500 combat sorties. Corey is married to the former Mary Burke, and they have one son, Cody. Corey and Mary are building their camper van and plan to travel and connecting with new friends.