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Chris Heivly

Name: Chris Heivly

Where were you born and raised?
Newtown Square, PA

What’s a short story around the biggest transition you’ve faced in life?
Biggest? How about 3-4 total life pivots from geographer to founder to venture capitalist to CEO/COO of existing companies to founder again.  My life is one constant transition as that is how I was made.

What’s the once piece of advice you’d give a younger you?
Take more risk, the downside is never that bad.

Your Personal Why?
Make an IMPACT everywhere I go.

How does your Why drive you to be a part of the THF Ecosystem?
If I can share my experiences and the impact of those decisions that can help someone who has sacrificed for me . . . it’s no brainer.

Favorite THF Value, and why?
I couldn’t decide on one specific THF value, but I value RESPECT.

Area/Industry of expertise: Faculty