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Today marks the 20th Anniversary of 9/11. 

20 Years.

The events of 9/11 were a sucker-punch to our nation.  An unexpected blow from a cowardly enemy that has no regard for human rights or the rule of law.  It hurt, but it reminded us that life is short — that we should hug our families tighter, prioritize our lives differently, put aside petty differences, take precautions, be more aware of our surroundings, respect our First Responders and honor those that lost their lives that day. That day also reminded us that our nation is strong, resilient, comes together in times of need, and that the men and women of our Armed Forces are always ready — ready to defend our freedom and provide for the safety of our country. 

Many of us have spent the majority of our careers, if not the entirety of them, fighting the War on Terror. We joined because of it, extended our time in the military to continue the mission, and spent countless months and years away from our loved ones to fulfill our promise to our country. 

I arrived in Afghanistan shortly after 9/11, amongst the first on the ground, motivated and constantly thinking of the huge impact this event would have for years to come. The magnitude of decisions, the importance of leadership, and how camaraderie, teamwork and the sense of purpose would shape our country, community and ourselves.  From the very beginning until the current ending, it was critically important work — and all veterans who served in the post 9/11 era should be proud!

Now, many of the men and women who spent much of their careers in the military because of 9/11 are retiring and preparing for their next chapters in life.  When the time arrives for these individuals to take off their uniform for the last time, The Honor Foundation will be standing by to support their journey with honor, for life!

To those who lost their lives that day, and in the 20 years following…your memories are burned in our hearts and minds, and will never be forgotten. 


With the deepest respect,

Matt Stevens

CEO, The Honor Foundation