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Chris Fischer

After 20 years in the Navy, THF filled my cup and has expanded my aperture and given me a newfound excitement for my next chapter. THF provided me with so many experiences, resources, and tools that I had never been exposed to in my career. From identifying my strengths, polishing success stories from my past,… Read more »

Peter Turbide

THF has given me confidence in my pursuit of a career outside of the military. It opened my eyes to opportunities and industries I didn’t know existed. I cannot be more thankful for the program, experience, and people I met along the way.

Bruce Morris

A 3-month program that completely refined me as a person leaving the service to join the civilian world.

Robert Fredrich

THF provided the opportunity to reflect on my career and find out why I was so good at the things I was good at. Pairing that knowledge with my Gallup Strengths painted a clear path toward business development. Prior to THF I had no idea what business development was. Through this process I not only… Read more »