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Kat Cox

…being able to use those skills that I was able to identify in The Honor Foundation, helped me really propel forward in my civilian job in a way that I did not ever see myself being able to do it.

Kevin Murphy

Throughout our time in the service, we have learned that there are no shortcuts to success. We also know it takes teamwork to solve complex problems and complete the mission. Transitioning out of the greatest military on earth is not easy, and it takes a talented team of experts to guide us through that process…. Read more »

Carl Cringle

The Honor Foundation gives you all the tools needed to be successful in your transition. It’s up to the individual to put in the time and effort and use those tools to give themselves the best chance for a successful transition. I came into THF feeling unprepared for my transition to the civilian world. By… Read more »

Michael Curtis

My experience going through The Honor Foundation was phenomenal and really had a major impact on the success I have had in my post military transition thus far. The staff at THF truly believes in their mission, and is dedicated to helping each and every candidate successfully transition to their next journey in life. Embrace… Read more »

Justin Kalina

The Honor Foundation expertly picks apart the job search experience and gives you the tools to navigate the transition to civilian employment. The staff at THF are second to none and always there to help you through transition topics, both during and well after the cohort has concluded.