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Isaac Ro

THF has been life changing. It has helped me reshape my perspective on transitioning out of the military. I originally had my doubts, but THF has done an exceptional job helping service members find their identity outside of the military. It also provides a panel of experts with real world experience to provide mentorship and… Read more »

Jeff Tompkins

The Honor Foundation experience was the perfect capstone to my military career. The Honor Foundation taught me how to appreciate my own service, and also how to capitalize on the skills I gained throughout my service. My wife and I have nothing but profound gratitude for the Honor Foundation Staff, volunteers and sponsoring organizations that… Read more »

Timothy Miller

I came into this a full skeptic. I am leaving this program a believer, with a purpose, a direction, and some good friends.

Chris Auger

I was able to audit the virtual program as I went through class 2 in San Diego in Fall 2014. Having only had one job since retirement in March 2015, this was an opportunity to sharpen the saw and take advantage of the Transition program in its up to date format. It has been very… Read more »

Govanda Sawyack

THF has been tremendous source of information and knowledge in helping me through my transition from the military. The formula that folks at THF were able to put together to help prepare me and other services members to find the answer to “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up” is… Read more »

Chad Nakamura

“Outstanding transition program!” My confidence has doubled thanks to the in-depth program offered during the virtual class. The coaching and staff were phenomenal. Impactful lessons learned with resume writing, interview approaches, and finding your “why” were game changers for me. I feel fully prepared for my transition, thanks to THF.

Ed Canon

The Honor Foundation helped me discover the reason I did what I did all these years, and helped me sift through the noise to find my purpose. After this the THF staff encouraged critical thinking about how my purpose could be applied professionally, and personally. Finally, the program allowed me to see my value, probably… Read more »