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Robert Bradshaw

The THF experience is priceless. The staff is amazing and my colleagues in my cohort are super impressive. If you trust the process and are intentional about your own personal investment, options that you never have thought about will be brought to the forefront for your consideration. As I continue to utilize the tools and… Read more »

Casey McHenry

The THF program is truly amazing and worth the investment of your time. I wanted help finding my “why” and expanding my network. THF gave me both in spades and the confidence in the process to know I’m now on the right path. You won’t be sorry.

Blake G.

THF has been a North Star, an integral component in shaping the second half of my life.

Kevin Bowman

My Honor Foundation experience was tremendously invaluable. Trust the process and allow them to take you a journey of discovery and self-reflection. You won’t regret it. I am forever appreciative for the THF staff, and for the mentor/friend who encouraged me to apply for the program.

Benjamin Channels

I walked into my transition with the same over-confident mindset that carried me countless times during my military service. I quickly realized that would get me nowhere in the private sector. THF swoops in, provides you with the tools, resources, and lexicon to get you on the right path. But the biggest secret is: you… Read more »

Fernando Martinez

What an experience! Prior to the fellowship with THF, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do but the program gave me tremendous focus and I also met some amazing people along the way. THF gave me the tools, professional language, networking skills, and most importantly, the confidence to transition successfully and… Read more »

Jeremiah Still

I really think THF has opened doors that I don’t see yet. I am so much more excited about this big world outside of the Army. I always knew the world was huge but didn’t have a way to manage all the possibilities. More importantly, I didn’t have a way to communicate me to this… Read more »