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Jerry Holmes

After a 30 year career I wasn’t sure what was next for me, I struggled with the loss of identity and where I could add value outside of the Navy. THF helped me find my purpose and allowed me to transition from the Navy with confidence.

Tom Dejarnette

THF helped me understand the fundamentals of what to do. The curriculum is great for understanding self, personal values and how to articulate those values in a unique and personal way. I am thankful for The Honor Foundation.

Fred Soule

Like everything, your THF cohort will go faster than expected , but the networks and relationships you build will last a long time. So network hard, take full advantage, reach out to people, and develop strong relationships that will follow you through your next career.

Joe Fischer

My ‘why’ is to provide the people around me the things they need to succeed. When they succeed, I succeed. THF truly helped me succeed by providing me the tools which supported a great transition!