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Guy Smith

I went through a rough transition, but THF provided me with the tools, mentorship, and guidance to succeed beyond my wildest dreams. Hands down one of the best decisions I could have made for the future of my family and for myself.

Zach Peters

The Honor Foundation provides the necessary polish to skills every SOF operator has. Through a stellar education and a world class team of mentors THF allows for self discovery and opens doors to an amazing next chapter.

Tres Smith

Our greatest strength as military service members is to be given a task across a broad spectrum of responsibilities and to simply make it happen, successfully! Unfortunately the ability to translate that skill and adapt a mindset from knowing I can accomplish a job to finding a job I was truly interested in was my… Read more »

Michael Halterman

The Honor Foundation provides access to curated networks and Tribes of Coaches, Mentors and Faculty with decades of business acumen. The Tribes teach, guide and mentor Special Operators through the transition process and enable them to realize their true potential.

James McLanahan

The Honor Foundation was something I had hoped to use as a springboard to starting my new career outside of Special Forces. They ahve taught and continue to train me to be a better employee, leader and husband. I would not be doing what I am doing now were it not for them. At The… Read more »

Mike Morris

Throughout history, no successful explorer traversed the unknown without a guiding star. When I first started my journey, I was that explorer, lost with no bearing or direction. The Honor Foundation, with is amazing staff, coaches, fellows and mentors, became that guiding star and helped me find my true north. By trusting their process and… Read more »