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Aaron Maben

THF welcomed me as their own, even as a virtual student, while inspiring me to pursue a career that exceeds my expectations and giving me the resources to obtain it.

Andrew Christian

THF was a game changer for me. I was super impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the “network” of business leaders they have created to support transitioning SOF.

Joe Hudak

I’m extremely grateful to THF for providing me a way to translate my SOF career into a successful career in the civilian business world!

Zach Keating

THF provided the opportunity to go through military transition as part of a team, leveraging this essential quality in all of us to succeed.

Bryan Chesnut

THF translated every skill that I developed over the course of 23 years in the Navy, into a coherent language to help me assimilate into the civilian workforce. THF taught me to focus on my strengths and to seek fulfillment over anything else — an invaluable lesson for life.

Calum Belden

While going through The Honor Foundation I discovered my why as “To empower others to achieve success through teamwork, mutual respect, and quality of character”. I can’t think of a better landing spot than Figure to allow me to continue executing my why. I am grateful for the many opportunities that THF provided for me… Read more »

John Rodriguez II

THF provided me with the foundation for transitioning from my career military to civilian life. These building blocks enabled me to have a smooth crossover from uniform to business casual.

Daniel Sanfelice

THF was a life changing experience. It taught me that the skills I learned in the military are invaluable in the civilian workplace.