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Pat Barr

The coaches, mentors, and staff provided amazing knowledge and enhanced our skills that each of us possess but didn’t necessarily know how to acknowledge. The past 12 weeks were such an emotional rollercoaster but I would never change the path I took.

Carrie Hammond

A life changing program that I am so incredibly grateful for the ability to attend. I really love how the program took us down to our roots and we learned about ourselves before diving into resumes, job interviews, etc. I went into that block knowing what my strengths were and what I brought to the… Read more »

Anthony Anderson

My time at THF was truly transformative and informative. The experience eased my fears about transition, providing valuable insights. The knowledgeable coaches and presenters, along with the dedicated volunteers and staff, genuinely inspired me. Thanks to THF, I now have a clearer understanding of my worth and the tools to confidently translate it into my… Read more »

Nick Nowlin

Standing on the precipice of a new chapter, I found myself adrift in a sea of uncertainty. The transition from the regimented world of the military to the untamed expanse of civilian life was akin to navigating a treacherous terrain without a compass. Amidst this bewildering labyrinth, The Honor Foundation (THF) emerged as a beacon… Read more »

Ryan Irvine

I didn’t know how lonely transition could be until it happened. THF made transitioning from the Navy, easy for lack of a better word. We all have that common apprehension of the unknown, and THF and cohort 76 reminded me to do what I’ve always done and meet things head on with the same amount… Read more »

Mike Vo

My most impactful moment was when I met my coach for the first time. Karl Miller was a phenomenal coach and in just the short amount of time I learned so much from him. It was insuring to hear him build up my confidence. Thank you THF for assigning coaches that will empower us in… Read more »

Michael Duffy

THF gave me the tools to exit the military and more. I have experienced a huge amount of personal growth and I feel very confident in my ability to apply my military experience to the civilian world. I cannot thank the staff enough for the passion and knowledge they brought every single day and to… Read more »

Joseph Umpa

The Honor Foundation is unequivocally the best transition program for the military to date and wins with its curriculum, engaged network of alumni and coaches, and lifelong support. Pound for pound, it is the best return on investment for anyone transitioning out of the military. If you only have time for one program, this is… Read more »

Andrew Potter

THF was an incredibly unique experience for transitioning service members. It is helpful whether you’ve been in the military for 30 years or 10 years. All of the first hand knowledge you are able to gain from the amazing opportunities THF provides is priceless.

Justin Schultz

I thought I had a good plan when I started with my Cohort. From the course and networks I realized that I did not have a good plan. THF helped me realize this and help get my on course with the right plan for me and my family. I can’t thank them enough.

Ashley Nefcy

Of the dozens of perks that comes with joining The Honor Foundation, one main thing I want to highlight is the absolutely outstanding people you will meet through the program. The staff, coaches, speakers, volunteers, other alumni, and other cohort fellows are some of the most amazing people I have had the pleasure of working… Read more »

Nate P.

Had a great experience as part of The Honor Foundation process. Having been in the Navy nearly 30 years THF enlightened me to the opportunities that are availability on the civilian side of life and how our skills and leadership easily translate. The mentoring, resume/ LinkedIn training and exposure to industry experts are second to… Read more »

Dan Porterfield

Before attending THF I had no idea what I wanted to do after the military. I had a few vague ideas but nothing was concrete. I didn’t know how my skills and preferences would transfer to the private sector or what type of roles I would bring value to. Even if I did figure out… Read more »

Casey Klein

Couldn’t recommend a better class to prepare you for the next chapter in life. The staff within The Honor Foundation guide you through 12 weeks of pure soul searching and fine tuning. I’m humbled and honored to be a THF Alumni!

Patrick Medema

I had an amazing experience with THF. The staff and coaches were first rate, offering me helpful transition and personal insight. I’ve learned a lot about myself and what I want for my family and I after I take off the uniform. I plan to continue building the personal and professional network I started at… Read more »

Chris Fischer

After 20 years in the Navy, THF filled my cup and has expanded my aperture and given me a newfound excitement for my next chapter. THF provided me with so many experiences, resources, and tools that I had never been exposed to in my career. From identifying my strengths, polishing success stories from my past,… Read more »

Peter Turbide

THF has given me confidence in my pursuit of a career outside of the military. It opened my eyes to opportunities and industries I didn’t know existed. I cannot be more thankful for the program, experience, and people I met along the way.

Robert Bradshaw

The THF experience is priceless. The staff is amazing and my colleagues in my cohort are super impressive. If you trust the process and are intentional about your own personal investment, options that you never have thought about will be brought to the forefront for your consideration. As I continue to utilize the tools and… Read more »

Shaun Greene

Before THF i was confused about what my next step would be and how to get it started. This experience has helped me to realize that sometimes you must let go and trust again. I know i haven’t even scratch the surface of what I’m capable of doing, but i feel more confident about my… Read more »

Kat Cox

…being able to use those skills that I was able to identify in The Honor Foundation, helped me really propel forward in my civilian job in a way that I did not ever see myself being able to do it.