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Jimmy Glendening

After my career in the military, I embarked on a daunting transition journey into the civilian world that quickly eroded my self-identity and life purpose. Figuratively speaking, I was patrolling in unfamiliar territory without a map or compass at night, relying solely on my grit and intuition. After nine months out of the military, I… Read more »

Clinton Meade

When I went into the program I had no idea what to expect. But soon after it became clear to me the value that THF offers. I was definitely the guy that thought my experience wouldn’t translate to any job besides contracting and law enforcement. I was dead wrong. They taught us how to look… Read more »

Travis Kiser

I can’t say enough great things about the people and program from The Honor Foundation! The program gave me invaluable insights into my value proposition after exiting service and gave me the tools to connect my passions to a new profession. The staff, instructors, and coaches are all top-tier professionals that are clearly dedicated to… Read more »

Luis Mejia

“Coming into The Honor Foundation…it helps mold you into what you’re expecting to be, what you’re wanting to do. It shows you what your interests are, it shows you what your dislikes are – it makes you marketable.”

Chris Bannister

Making the time for THF’s program was the best decision I made during my transition and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Shawn Laliberte

Having served in the Marine Corps for almost 16 years, spending over ten of those in Marine Special Operations, I was eager to discover the next step in my life. But I was nervous about what I was going to do. In all honesty, I had no idea what it was that I wanted to… Read more »

Jordan Ames

The Honor Foundation is a team of dedicated professionals not only seeking to help transitioning SOF members find a “dream” job but also peeling back these often battle-hardened individuals and helping them understand the supreme intangible qualities each of them possess. They have built a tremendous network founded on giving. They make every fellow’s desires… Read more »

Luis Mejia

I could not be happier with my next career path and most of all I could not have done it without the hard work and dedication that you guys put in day in and day out for us SOF veterans. Thanks again, super proud to call myself an alum and have continued to push people… Read more »

Cole Johns

THF taught me how to interpret my military experience and leverage my skills in order to secure a job that I otherwise would not have realized I was qualified for. After I graduated, I found myself teaching other transitioning veterans the invaluable skills I learned in THF. THF was vital to my success. If a… Read more »

Daniel Carlson

I want to reiterate how transformative THF was for me. I was not confident in what I was going to do post marine corps before I came through and now I have little doubt I will be successful. I cannot say enough about it and have directed some of my guys who are getting out… Read more »

Garret Harrell

My greatest fear prior to starting the fellowship was really understanding the future opportunities I’d have post-retirement and the difficulty in choosing. The Honor Foundation turned that fear into excitement. I’m not only excited about the options to come, but I’m better equipped to do so. The dynamic which takes place between the fellows, mentors,… Read more »

Matt Curran

THF creates an environment skillfully designed to uncover what truly drives us, our “Why”. It then provides opportunities to combine our purpose with experience gained throughout our careers – Inspiring a confident and enthusiastic transition forward into the next chapter of life knowing we will be successful regardless the climb and place.

Aaron Schwartz

For 20 years I was surrounded by teammates who would sacrifice everything for each other ensuring each other’s success. THF provides that same level of commitment and community while transitioning from the service.

Andrew Christian

THF was a game changer for me. I was super impressed with the professionalism of the staff and the “network” of business leaders they have created to support transitioning SOF.

Zach Peters

The Honor Foundation provides the necessary polish to skills every SOF operator has. Through a stellar education and a world class team of mentors THF allows for self discovery and opens doors to an amazing next chapter.

Michael Halterman

The Honor Foundation provides access to curated networks and Tribes of Coaches, Mentors and Faculty with decades of business acumen. The Tribes teach, guide and mentor Special Operators through the transition process and enable them to realize their true potential.

Calum Belden

While going through The Honor Foundation I discovered my why as “To empower others to achieve success through teamwork, mutual respect, and quality of character”. I can’t think of a better landing spot than Figure to allow me to continue executing my why. I am grateful for the many opportunities that THF provided for me… Read more »

Eric Kasmire

The THF experience helped prepare me for a difficult transition from wearing the uniform to life as a civilian. I didn’t nail it perfectly with the first job but I am now in the right career, working with the right people and most importantly, loving what I do.

Andrew Milburn

THF did more than teach me invaluable transition skills — it fundamentally changed my outlook on what I was looking for and how to go about getting it. Hard perhaps to believe that you can learn more about yourself after leaving a career in SOF, but true nevertheless.

Keith Parry

THF’s transition training for our new “mission” is just as challenging, relevant, rewarding, and stellar as in our previous careers and teams.