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Scott G

I would have been lost without The Honor Foundation. I learned very quickly that I couldn’t have done this on my own

Robert Abreu

The cadre, the curriculum, and speakers were simply incredible. The Honor Foundation helped me define my worth as a transitioning service member. The alumni welcomed me with guidance and were ready to help in any way they could. I recommend this to all SOF service members transitioning.

Glen R. Dowling

The information and skills that I learned in the Honor Foundation directly led me to my new internship and future job with an amazing company. I met and interviewed with over nine other companies and was able to choose the right company that aligned with my strengths, values and desires. I start the day after… Read more »

Herschell McKinley

This is a phenomenal course and a true success builder! Following the process enabled me to refine my optic of what is important to me and to set me up with the proper tools to make my transition to civilian life! I am truly grateful for this program and all the volunteers and donors that… Read more »

Jesse Rivera

It was great to be able to put skills I have refined and used in the military and how I can put them into practical use in cooperate world. Story night is by far my favorite night, really lets you get to know the other people that are in the cohort with you.

Chad Evans

THF provided insights, guidance, and introspection into transitioning that far exceeded anything I could have hoped. There is no better program out there, not just for Special Operations, but within the Department of Defense.

Glen Dowling

This experience has truly been life changing and I feel very well prepared to start the next chapter. I am forever greatful for Dan, Stephanie and Kathy for all they have done to prepare us.

Bryce Main

This program kept me in line with my goals and constantly reminded me of the opportunities available to me.

Effens Bowden

My time with The Honor Foundation has been transformative, offering me valuable knowledge, extensive networking opportunities, and practical experience. The staff, guests speakers, and my fellow classmates made the journey truly enjoyable, creating a supportive environment for transitioning service members. The Mock Interviews and TREK program enhanced the cohort experience, and I am sincerely grateful… Read more »

Joseph Black

My journey as a fellow with Class 72 of the Honor Foundation was an immersion into an elite realm, characterized by peerless leadership and exemplary standards. This transformative fellowship rewired my potential, shattered my previous perceptions of limitations, and bestowed me with a unique competitive advantage. It equipped me with unassailable resilience, amplified my confidence,… Read more »

Robert Nolan

The Honor Foundation opened my mind to a new perspective on my value to the workforce. I started the cohort with the mindset that I knew what I wanted to do; then I learned about myself and my skills. That insight allows you to move away from your comfort zone and find that next career… Read more »

Carla Hubble

What an amazing experience, everything about The Honor Program was top notch. As transitioning service members we are all figuring out not only our next step, but ourselves. The first phase of the program, discovering strengths and our why was crucial in discovering ourselves and the next step. Thank you for everything, I truly enjoyed… Read more »

Blake G.

THF has been a North Star, an integral component in shaping the second half of my life.

Scotty McCune

The Honor Foundation was the hands-down game-changer for me in my transition. Everybody I know that is preparing for transition, I intensely recommend them to THF. When I started the program, I had no idea of what to expect, and I really thought that I had Military-to-Civilian transition figured out as much as I needed… Read more »

Alfred Williams

I really appreciated the team working with me even though I was within a 4 month window from retirement, still had some responsibilities at work, and took on too many projects based on all the other DoD and VA medical requirements/appointments.

Mary Kate Soliva

The Honor Foundation helped me overcome my fear and anxiety about leaving the military in the midst of a pandemic. I have tried various transitioning programs but none brought as much diversity and experience as The Honor Foundation. You did not just write our resumes for us, but guided us. You did not tell us… Read more »

Charles Peterson

I can say with 100% certainty, if not for The Honor Foundation and their incredible program for Special Operations Forces service members and enablers, I would be floundering right now in my military transition. Instead, I am thriving in my job search, making important industry connections, and have an alumni network prepared to support me… Read more »