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Govanda Sawyack

THF has been tremendous source of information and knowledge in helping me through my transition from the military. The formula that folks at THF were able to put together to help prepare me and other services members to find the answer to “I don’t know what I want to do when I grow up” is… Read more »

Mark Williams

I feel like I have grown so much in the last few months. Some of was the addressing needs like building a useful resume or updating my LinkedIn profile, but most importantly was the opportunity to meet others that are experiencing the same anxieties I have regarding the closure of my military chapter and the… Read more »

Ed Canon

The Honor Foundation helped me discover the reason I did what I did all these years, and helped me sift through the noise to find my purpose. After this the THF staff encouraged critical thinking about how my purpose could be applied professionally, and personally. Finally, the program allowed me to see my value, probably… Read more »

Aaron Figel

I wanted to say thank you to the THF staff and program for providing the knowledge on how to transition. I can honestly say where I was before the program and where I am now is a huge difference. It should be mandatory that anybody and everybody leaving the military get this level of training…. Read more »

Matt Dolsen

As a transitioning SGM with over 20 years of service I knew I would be required to acclimate to an entire different culture. THF was there to highlight areas of transition into the private sector that simply never occurred to me. I now have a better understanding of how to stand out in the private… Read more »

Marc Losito

As a proud alumnus of The Honor Foundation, I can say with absolute certainty that this organization changed my life. When I began my military transition process, I was unsure of what direction to start walking and how I would know I was being successful. The Honor Foundation provided the roadmap and signage to make… Read more »

Grant Hewitt

The Honor Foundation provides a critical service to our transitioning Special Operations Servicemembers. The instruction and assistance provided helped me feel 100% prepared to transition out of the Army. Not only did it put my mind at ease for a major life pivot, it gave me the tools I needed to be successful in the… Read more »

Curtis Spalt

The Honor Foundation is an exceptional program. It’s structure enables you to understand your skills and attributes from your past career and translate it into a marketable corporate structure. THF is extremely helpful for not only transitioning out of the military, but also thoroughly preparing you for the next mission.

Carl Nicholson

I’m so impressed by the overall curriculum of THF. This is a well thought out, timed, and executed program. It has taught me things critical to transition that I would have otherwise been in the dark about. To couple that with a group of the caliber of guys in the same position makes it invaluable…. Read more »

Raye Perez

THF is the gold standard of transition assistance. My MBA made me familiar with business structure and purpose, but THF re-familiarized me with me. After years of carrying a gun I still found myself trying to pivot on what I did and not why I did it. If you performed in SOF, you owe yourself… Read more »

Cole Hough

I never thought I would meet a team of people who are so involved in my future and success. I have been connected with a community that will do anything to help me figure out what’s next and find a path to get there. I have learned so many valuable skills that have taken the… Read more »

Stephen Grabinski

THF is an amazing support system that truly helps you to realize your potential, and hone in your skill set while transitioning out of the military. I have been able to network effectively, get advice from resume assistance to compensation, and be surrounded by a genuine, wonderful community that cares about my success.