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Jimmy Kitchen

THF was a fantastic growth experience. Cally and Kelsey really helped shine a light on the coming uncertainty. I learned my WHY, understood my strengths and weaknesses, and met a lot of great people. The most impactful aspects were story night and mock interviews. These moments allowed us to articulate who we are, what drives… Read more »

Grace Ruiz

The THF really helped me focus on me! Learning and verifying my strengths and themes really assisted in finding out what really makes me… me. Thanks to the THF, I now have my LinkedIn and Resume up to par. I have benefitted from each and every one of the modules we went over. But it… Read more »

Chris Welch

The THF virtual program came to me at the perfect time, just as I was starting to feel overwhelmed with a pending retirement. The program covered everything I needed, in just the right amount, to help me move through re-thinking my “why,” encourage me to create a process of outreach/networking, and help reinforce my belief… Read more »

Neil Isder

The Honor Foundation was extremely helpful in getting me to think regarding what I truly was capable of outside of the military. It challenged me to dig deeper into my experiences and into my training. THF was amazing and the connections are outstanding. Favorite class was a mix between the why statement and networking.

Ryan Bauernschmidt

THF gave me more than I could ever repay in the form of a proven process to effectively translate my military and government service, find out what truly drives me, create a network (the right way) that values and desires this drive, and set the right course for transition.