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Isaac Ro

THF has been life changing. It has helped me reshape my perspective on transitioning out of the military. I originally had my doubts, but THF has done an exceptional job helping service members find their identity outside of the military. It also provides a panel of experts with real world experience to provide mentorship and… Read more »

Brice Myers

THF helped me progress from believing I can be successful after the Army to knowing I will be successful. With THF’s guidance I have examined and re-examined myself, what I want, and what is most important to me. Now I feel confident and prepared to take the next step.

Jeff Tompkins

The Honor Foundation experience was the perfect capstone to my military career. The Honor Foundation taught me how to appreciate my own service, and also how to capitalize on the skills I gained throughout my service. My wife and I have nothing but profound gratitude for the Honor Foundation Staff, volunteers and sponsoring organizations that… Read more »

Jim Moore

This program was a game-changer for me. I didn’t realize how truly unprepared I was going into retirement. Now I feel like I’ve been given a detailed map and cheat codes. My outlook has completely changed and the trepidation has faded away. Thank You!

Dennis Castellanos

The THF program provided an opportunity to allow my self to be vulnerable and share my ideas openly with peers, coaches and mentors. This practice provided a safe environment that contributed to an increase in my self reflection. And while self reflecting I was able to confirm my priorities and soul search a few ideas… Read more »

Steve Lester

THF gave me the tools, organization, and confidence to properly transition to the appropriate career for me.

Mike Gray

THF provided important and useful tools to aid me in my search for my next career. The Faculty and Coaches provided key advice and mentorship throughout the process. The exercises and events greatly improved my ability to find areas of interest and to perform well during interviews.

Justin Curro

I had a lot of doubt and anxiety about my transition out of the Army after 21 years. I was sure I was going to screw it up somehow and not develop a plan to be successful. Being a Fellow in THF has helped me so much. I feel very confident now regrading resume development,… Read more »

Justin Pop

The THF program helped me solidify my plan for transition. The times spent exploring my personal preferences, strengths and why was extremely beneficial, and I am very grateful for the time and support the THF staff put into helping me. I would recommend any transitioning SOF member explore THF to help them find their way.

Chad Nakamura

“Outstanding transition program!” My confidence has doubled thanks to the in-depth program offered during the virtual class. The coaching and staff were phenomenal. Impactful lessons learned with resume writing, interview approaches, and finding your “why” were game changers for me. I feel fully prepared for my transition, thanks to THF.

Andrew Dew

The Honor Foundation was an amazing experience at the start of my transition from the military. The Honor Foundation’s program helped eased uncertainties I had about transition and solidified my plan afterward. The Honor Foundations resources and speakers are second to none. If you are special operations veteran transitioning out of the military, you are… Read more »

Jason Johnston

THF gave me something to aim at, and taught me how to move toward it. The program is just as applicable for a 34 year O6 as it is for a 12 year E7. They drastically shortened my learning curve on how to transition, and in an environment where you’ll be surrounded by peers just… Read more »

George W.

The Honor Foundation program has been a huge blessing to me. I came into the transition process unsure of what I wanted to do next, unsure of what my purpose was, and unsure if I could find something fulfilling for my next season of life instead of simply doing defense contract work because “it’s what… Read more »

Josh Breton

I liked the various assessments we took, they helped to focus in on my strengths and areas of potential employment. The various sublect matter experts (LinkedIn, resume building, networking, etc.) were great resources for building products to showcase our potential to the marketplace. The part I enjoyed most was networking with and talking to people… Read more »

Bryan Hundere

Coming from the Special Operations community, I understand that quality is a valuable and rare commodity. With numerous organizations vying to assist SOF operators in transition, I chose The Honor Foundation because quality is at the heart of everything the organization does.

Adam McCaw

Such a wonderful program for transitioning SOF. It gets you dialed in and polished for the civilian sector by making your skills that you’ve acquired in your military service translated into civilian marketable skills.

Robin Sielert

The Honor Foundation was a thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening experience. While I enjoyed finding my WHY statement, I found the mock interviews and networking experiences to be the highlight. Hearing both veteran and non-veteran stories and insights about employment and life have enriched my journey. Trust the process!

Alex Ford

The Honor Foundation took the transition process from an activity that makes people feel isolated and confused to one that is full of hope and possibilities. By creating a team of people and encouraging them to explore their why and future opportunities the Honor Foundation gave me a strong foundation to prepare myself and my… Read more »

Dan Simmons

I came into this program absolutely fired up already! It did not disappoint in any way! The amount of absolutely amazing people that I have met, both personally and professionally cannot be overstated!

Ronnie Hatcher

Before starting The Honor Foundation I had no direction going into my transition from the Army. Now after three months of focused classes and one on one coaching sessions I have found a path to achieve my purpose. Build a network and trust the process.