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Robin Sielert

The Honor Foundation was a thoroughly enjoyable and eye opening experience. While I enjoyed finding my WHY statement, I found the mock interviews and networking experiences to be the highlight. Hearing both veteran and non-veteran stories and insights about employment and life have enriched my journey. Trust the process!

Alex Ford

The Honor Foundation took the transition process from an activity that makes people feel isolated and confused to one that is full of hope and possibilities. By creating a team of people and encouraging them to explore their why and future opportunities the Honor Foundation gave me a strong foundation to prepare myself and my… Read more »

Dan Simmons

I came into this program absolutely fired up already! It did not disappoint in any way! The amount of absolutely amazing people that I have met, both personally and professionally cannot be overstated!

Ronnie Hatcher

Before starting The Honor Foundation I had no direction going into my transition from the Army. Now after three months of focused classes and one on one coaching sessions I have found a path to achieve my purpose. Build a network and trust the process.

Terry Shelton

THF provided me the means, time, and perspective to understand what I was really chasing after military service. Their team provided enthusiastic and positive reinforcement which allowed me to feel empowered, desired, and prepared for a rapidly evolving job market. I only hope I can ‘pay it forward’ to THF and others in my new… Read more »

Michael Devito

I medically retired from active duty in 2018. I was completely unprepared for the environment I was about to enter and the circumstances in which I was going through. Divorce, bankruptcy, homelessness, and depression were among the many I endured at once. I was fortunate to survive all of that but even more fortunate to… Read more »

J.P. Guidry

THF was the finest experience of my transition process. First class program with world class people! Thank you.

Kevin Bowman

My Honor Foundation experience was tremendously invaluable. Trust the process and allow them to take you a journey of discovery and self-reflection. You won’t regret it. I am forever appreciative for the THF staff, and for the mentor/friend who encouraged me to apply for the program.

William West

I can’t imagine where I would be without this program. The resources put into us were nothing short of incredible. The skills I’ve learned I will use for the rest of my life. I am going into retirement much clearer headed about what I want and how to achieve it.

Derek Clayton

The Honor Foundation has been an instrumental part of my transition. Through expert coaching, education and a staff that truly cares about the success of the soldier, I have been able to translate military success into marketable skills. THF also changed my perception of what a SOF soldier can offer multiple corporate sectors outside of… Read more »

Lance Downer

The Honor Foundation has had a great impact on my transition. I feel it has better prepared me to transition from the military to the civilian sector. The skills and resources it has provided me has increased my confidence as well as my overall mindset on transition.

Seth Krummrich

Phenomenal program! This is a MUST for any transitioning SOF teammate. It sets your transition plan and makes sure you are best postured to make the change from Active Duty to the civilian world. The coursework is great, their network reach is deep, and your self development will prove vital to a successful transition. Thank… Read more »

Brad Moses

After 25 years of service, with 20 in Special Operations, my family and I have made the choice to transition out of federal service. I have been provided with the opportunity to enter The Honor Foundation’s transition program. This program is an absolute must for any SOF professional who wants to actively navigate their transition…. Read more »

Gil Barrera

In the SPECOPS community, we are taught to never make a promise you cannot keep; THF delivered on all of theirs!

Aaron Maben

THF welcomed me as their own, even as a virtual student, while inspiring me to pursue a career that exceeds my expectations and giving me the resources to obtain it.

John Faatz

Deciding to retire after almost 29 years of service, 23 of which I spent in Special Operations, was a daunting decision. Seeing the conventional resources available to me was humbling and made me feel even more alone as I ventured into transition. I didn’t know how to reinvent myself from SOF warrior to civilian. I… Read more »

Joe Hudak

I’m extremely grateful to THF for providing me a way to translate my SOF career into a successful career in the civilian business world!

James McLanahan

The Honor Foundation was something I had hoped to use as a springboard to starting my new career outside of Special Forces. They ahve taught and continue to train me to be a better employee, leader and husband. I would not be doing what I am doing now were it not for them. At The… Read more »