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Pamela Gregg-DeVose, Program Coordinator- Virginia Beach

Name: Pamela Gregg-DeVose

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in NY and moved to NC to attend college.

What’s a short story around the biggest transition you’ve faced in life?
My biggest transition occurred when I married my husband and relocated to Colorado only weeks after getting married. Adapting to the Military culture was both intimidating and exciting and I would not change the experience for anything.

What’s the once piece of advice you’d give a younger you?
Remember to practice self-care because you cannot help others if you do not take care of yourself.

Your Personal Why?
My personal why is giving back to others. No matter how small the gesture, you never know how much you are impacting the life of another.

How does your Why drive you to be a part of the THF Ecosystem?
“Pay it forward”

Military Connection or Why do you respect Special Operators?
I am married to a retired active-duty Soldier and have worked with members of the Special Forces community since 2013.

Favorite THF Value, and why?
Fierce Empathy. Understanding that we all have a backstory.

Area/Industry of expertise:
My area of expertise is Human Services. I am a helper by nature and have always worked in an industry that allows me to continue helping, assisting and caring for others.

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