Michelle Braden

Name: Michelle Braden

Where were you born and raised?
Born – Bakersfield CA, I have lived in 15 states in the US

What’s a short story around the biggest transition you’ve faced in life?
Going through a divorce after 15 years of marriage was a major transition… even bigger than I imagined and the second would be starting my own business 9 years ago.

What’s the once piece of advice you’d give a younger you?
Slow down

Your Personal Why?
To make a difference one life at a time.

How does your Why drive you to be a part of the THF Ecosystem?
I have not ever served in our awesome military so it is my opportunity to say thank you and give back.

Military Connection or Why do you respect Special Operators?
Because I realize it is a sacrifice in so many ways and I am grateful as well as humbled that I am able to enjoy a free country every day thanks to the service of our military men and women.

Favorite THF Value, and why?
“Plan for Achievement” – because I want to be a part of this with the individuals I work with.

Area/Industry of expertise: Leadership development, inspiring and challenging you to be the best you can be.