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2023 Freedom Project Giving Campaign


Location: National
Contact: Hailey Juneau at

At THF, we’ve worked for almost a decade to help the Special Operations Forces community in their transition from military to civilian life. During a time which many identify as the toughest life transition they face, THF equips them with the preparation, skills, and connections they need to reach their full potential in their lives after military service. 

As the SOF community continues to grow and matriculate from their military posts, there’s much more work to do to protect their futures, and that work can only be done with your support, patriotism, and generosity. 

From now until September,  we’re asking you to join in and make a gift to help our warriors have a prosperous future–and to help make their next mission in life clear through our Freedom Project campaign.

 Use the link above to find out more information and make an invaluable contribution to the men and women who protect our freedom.