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Let’s be honest, few things in the world would be more intimidating to face than a room full of hungry Special Operators. For the sake of our professors our Breaking Bread program ensures it’s something no one at THF ever has to face.

The program began as a simple way to help our fellows fit THF into their incredibly busy lives. Over time it has grown into something much richer. Pre-class dinners have become a time for camaraderie and conversation. Mentors, Executives, In-House Entrepreneurs and other special guests often join as our Fellows have made it a welcoming way to bring outsiders into the THF family.

As our classes grow so too does the cost of every meal. Making a donation to our Breaking Bread program makes it possible for us to keep this important THF tradition alive. This has proven to be an excellent way for our Fellows to meet and build strong lasting relationships not only with each other but also with the individual or corporate event sponsors.

An individual or corporate donation of $750 will pay for the meal service for nearly 40 + Fellows,  THF Staff,  faculty and executive guests for one evening. We always include a special acknowledgement the night your meal is served and hope you or members of your organization can join us for this event personally!

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